Andy Taylor, MCC Marshall Goldsmith Master Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer Inner Team of North America
Andy Taylor, MCCMarshall Goldsmith Master Certified Leadership Coach and TrainerInner Team of North America 

                 Leadership Boot Camp

“Andy and Michael’s workshops are the real deal!  They provide leaders with powerful tools to improve employee productivity, enhance motivation and buy-in for important organizational goals.  I am a much more effective leader as a result of these trainings!  A+ workshops! A+ facilitators!”

Josh Dahlman, General Manager

Silicon Carbide Products, Inc.

Emotional Intelligence and High Performance Leadership - 90% of all top performers are also high in Emotional Intelligence (EI).  Learn the EI model and four things great leaders do to get results that struggling leaders just don’t understand.

What’s Your Leadership Style? Participants learn their unique behavioral style and how it influences how they lead.  Discover how small changes in how you engage others can lead to large results!  Introducing Everything DiSC©

Managing for Employee Engagement - Three simple yet profound concepts to significantly engage, motivate and retain employees. Based on the NYT bestseller, The Truth About Employee Engagement Job by Patrick Lencioni. 

Time & Life Management for Leaders - Discover how Eating Frogs, Italian Peapods and Covey’s Quadrants created radical breakthroughs in time & life management.  Learn how to finally have work and life balance.  Yes, it’s possible!


Leadership and Strategic Planning -  Participants learn and practice a powerful five step Strategic Planning template that develops clarity, focus, execution, accountability and results!  Developed by NYT bestselling author Brian Tracy.


Crucial Conversations© - Great leaders don’t ignore crucial conversations.  They face them head on!  Participants are introduced to a proven four step protocol used world-wide that get results and improve relationships.  Yes, you can do both!


Reducing Generational Conflict at Work - If managers can accept and understand the reality of generational differences, they can avoid the costs caused by common misunderstandings! 


Executive Decision Making: Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions - Introducing the Psychology of Decision Making.  Participants learn and practice a four step process that can dramatically improve your ability to make the “right” call!


How to Build Truly Cohesive Teams - Developed by NYT best-selling author Patrick Lencioni, the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model© helps leaders understand what it takes to build truly high-performing teams that focus on results instead of drama. 


How to Get Radical Team Execution for Critical Goals - How does a leader get teams to radically buy into high value organizational goals? Introducing the Four Disciplines of Execution, a true breakthrough in team execution!  Based on the NYT bestselling book The Four Disciplines of Execution by Franklin-Covey. 


Important Workshop Information - Each workshop is approximately two hours, hands-on, experiential and fun!  Participants learn a key tool or concept, practice it, and then apply it in their own work setting.  Click on the handouts below to learn more.

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Leadership Boot Camp Testimonials

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