Andy Taylor, MCC Marshall Goldsmith Master Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer Inner Team of North America
Andy Taylor, MCCMarshall Goldsmith Master Certified Leadership Coach and TrainerInner Team of North America 

Leadership Boot Camp Testimonials!


“Andy and Michael’s workshops are the real deal!  They provide leaders with powerful tools to improve employee productivity, enhance motivation and buy-in for important organizational goals.  I am a much more effective leader as a result of these trainings!  A+ workshops! A+ facilitators!”

Josh Dahlman, General Manager, Silicon Carbide Products, Inc.


“Arbor Housing and Development sent four employees to Leadership Boot Camp and it was truly worth the investment! They learned relevant information and key leadership tools that has resulted in increased productivity and engagement in the company. The workshops have proven to be a valuable resource for aspiring leaders and Arbor is committed to enrolling employees in future courses."       

                                              Jeff Eaton, President/CEO, Arbor Housing and Development


“These workshops made a HUGE difference for me!  I am much more aware how my behavior affects others and how to manage myself when my emotions run strong.  Andy and Michael are gifted trainers and care deeply about helping leaders succeed.  Sign-up and do it today!”  

Scott Clemons, Research Manager - Chemistry Technical Center, Battelle Inc. (formerly of Corning Inc.)


“I have attended many of Andy's and Michael’s workshops.  They are, without a doubt, some of the finest facilitators this area has to offer.  Not only do their programs provide relevant, tangibly valuable information, they have a keen knack for "getting inside your head," provoking thoughts and giving you a needed nudge to step out of your comfort zone ... critical to our self-growth. If you haven't yet attended these workshops, I seriously challenge you, why?”  

Denise Ackley, CEO, Corning Area Chamber of Commerce


“Thank you Andy and Michael!  I learned so much from the Boot Camp workshops.  Consequently, my team has become more focused on key goals, motivation has improved, and I approach problems in a much more flexible way.  I am hoping to send a lot of my direct reports to the next trainings.  Thanks again!”  

                                                      John Hargrave, Operations Manager, Gas Field Specialist, Inc.


"Leadership Boot Camp was one of the best trainings I've ever participated in!  Not only were the workshops enjoyable but I learned so much about myself, how to be a more effective leader, how to manage different personality styles and more.  Andy and Michael are some of the best in the industry!" 

Sharon Reed, Controller, World Kitchen


“These workshops not only add real value but also give leaders the precious time to self-reflect and, most importantly, learn how to lead better!  I highly recommend these programs.” 

Caleb Smith, Director of Business Development, Welliver



“I took the Boot Camp workshops this spring and was amazed by the creative way they presented the material. Instead of just slideshows and lectures, they engaged the class in individual, small, and large group discussions and also used lots of hands-on activities.  By presenting the material this way I was able to grasp the ideas and relate them to myself and my job. It made me much more aware of my role as a leader and how teams work.”

 Robert C. Smith, Jr.  Director of Operations, Greenstar Services Inc.


"Michael and Andy have a real passion and energy that made Leadership Boot Camp an incredibly fun and valuable experience! I highly recommend it to any business looking to build leaders and transform their organization into a more engaged, collaborative, and fulfilling working environment. The SPCA and the animal welfare community in general will most certainly benefit from their guidance!"                              

 Jon Jacobus, Shelter Manager, Chemung County SPCA


“Truly valuable workshops for any leader that wants to be more effective in what they do.  I learned so much more than I thought I would.  I strongly endorse them!”

Thomas E. Funk, Vice President/Controller, Chemung Canal Trust Company 


“Leadership Boot Camp is a great investment if you are looking to increase productivity at the work place. Their research-based strategies help leaders become more goal focused, better problem solvers, and effective decision makers. Since attending Boot Camp, my team has felt the benefit of better communication and increased efficiencies. Thank you for a great experience!”

 Susan Bull, Executive Director, Ready, Set, Grow Child Care Center


“I absolutely recommend these leadership workshops to any current or future leader. Their enthusiasm and energy is motivating and make the trainings fun!  Michael’s and Andy’s  knowledge coupled with the information is relevant and useful. I have applied many things I have learned on a daily basis since the workshop!!”            

                                 Amanda E. Halstead, HR Manager, Gas Field Specialists Inc.


“Every leader will benefit by partaking in these Leadership Boot Camp series. These workshops add enormous value, are engaging, entertaining and fun!”  

John Brown, Retired Sr.  Engineering Research Assoc. and Current Consultant to Corning Inc.


"Leadership Boot Camp is an excellent opportunity for business leaders to increase their knowledge about a wide array of topics and network with colleagues from other organizations.  Andy and Michael are knowledgeable and engaging - everyone will get something out of this program!"   

Kacy Hagan, Director of Human Resources, Able2 Enhancing Potential Inc.


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